Thursday, 10 September 2015

Friday 11th September - Mooriel is complete!

Mooriel is now complete!
The Dairy Australia Program has come to an end. 
Students have been talking about all that they have learned over the term.
Here are a few shots to complete the Journey.



Mooriel is Looking Rather Glamorous...

Mooriel is getting her final touches...

Year 5 students decided that Mooriel needed to be a SUPERCOW!!!
They added KA - COW!!!

Mooriel certainly is... just imagine that Mooriel or any dairy cow produces enough milk every day to satisfy so many needs...

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What have the students learned?

I will ask some more...

Teachers getting in on the action...

One of the lovely teachers borrowed a book to inspire her students with COW JOKES...

Year 5 enjoy a painting experience

Year 5 students enjoyed some quick painting time after their first performance of Peter Pan today. There is so much happening at the moment we have to grab a paint when we can.

This little girl wanted to give Mooriel a hug...

Daisies are appearing.

It's Spring and so daisies are sprouting. Love the daisy. They are so bright and happy. Fingerprints from our Year 4 students. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Mooriel Picowso - the design has changed.

As we have been painting Mooriel, we have changed our thinking slightly.

We have kept the original idea of the Picasso background.

One side of Mooriel is devoted to From Farm to Plate idea.
The other side is devoted to the products from Milk that we can enjoy daily.

The Healthy Bones are reflected on the legs.

Energy for Life has been reflected by the handprints on the underside of Mooriel.

We wanted to add the School logo 

as well as the Dairy Australia logo. 

The head was to be realistic, as was the tail, but some students decided that the tail needed to be coloured, so the blue and yellow tail eventuated. 

We want to paint the eyes realistically...and add eyelashes...

The idea was to have every student in the Junior School painting something on Mooriel. Both time and the space is proving difficult. It takes so long for each student to paint!

We will still try to get each student to add something to Mooriel. 

Thinking that we may add daisies -- a student fingerprint and then petals. Hopefully this week will see her completed. 

We still need to paint on the roads and add the dairy trucks...

We will need to get a MOOve on...

Year 5 want to paint the COW! sign on Mooriel...